Bushcraft and Survival Introduction

2 days

"Sleeping in a natural shelter, searching for animal tracks, bushcraft, survival and more!"

Would you like to go even deeper into the untouched Swedish wilderness under the guidance of an experienced instructor and hiking through the territory of the moose, wolves, lynx, beavers and bears? And do you want to get to know more of the basics of bushcraft and survival?

You can!

Two days hiking through the beautiful woods, spending the night outside in a self-built shelter, learn where to find flammable materials and with which kinds of techniques can you start a fire? We teach you how to find your way in the wilderness with a map, compass and GPS and how to look for traces of wild animal. With the learned knowlegde the possibility to spot wildlife increases a lot! An unforgettable adventure in the wilderness of Sweden!

Would you like to experience such an adventure? Then sign up quickly for this exciting program!

Among others we offer:

  • A nice lunch outside by a campfire after arrival.b
  • Food bags that we will prepare during the trip.
  • Several challenging integrated workshops, such as: Safety and Emergency,  Find your Way in the Wilderness, Primitive Fire and Wilderness Shelter.
  • A search for wildlife tracks and the opportunity to learn from our instructor from which animals the traces are.
  • A tasty Swedish Fika after the tour.
  • A nice Survival present from Dalarna Outdoor!

Day 1

  • After arriving at the location in Dala-Järna and meeting with our instructor of Dalarna Outdoor, we will prepare a lunch together over a campfire.
  • Together with our instructor we go through the day schedule and perform a material check. The food bags and possible by you rented materials are handed over to you.
  • Then our instructor starts with the subject Safety and Emergency situations as without doubt it is important to be well prepared in this environment! After these preparations the adventure begins!
  • Our instructor will teach you how to navigate through the wilderness and then you can put the learned skills into practice right away! You will start navigating to the point where we will spend the upcoming night.
  • During the trip, our instructor will tell you all about the beautiful landscapes and look for traces of wild animals. And maybe we even spot them! They show themselves not that easy, but fornsurevthey are all around us!
  • After arriving at the place where we are going to sleep, our instructor will give the workshop Wilderness Shelter. He'll show you how to make a shelter with natural materials! Then you may start building your own natural shelter.
  • Our instructor makes a cozy campfire onwhich we are going to prepare our food bags and eat.
  • Hopefully we can hear the nocturnal activity from the wild animals when the evening falls, such as owls and wolves! In addition there is fair change in this area of seeing the Northern lights! What would it be nice to be able to enjoy this fantastic spectacle, let's hope we have that much of luck!
  • Spending the night in the shelter!


Day 2

  • After a night in our shelters, we first make a campfire.
  • We will prepare breakfast and after finishing our instructor starts with the workshop "Primitive Fire”. He's going to learn how to start a fire with natural materials with different kind of  techniques. He will show you where to find flammable materials in the forest with which you can try yourself the  different techniques how to start a fire.
  • After lunch we continue our journey towards the starting point. During this afternoon we will search for wildlife and hopefully we spot wild for some nice photo opportunities!
  • Arriving at the start a delicious Swedish Fika is waiting for you!
  • At the end we will evaluate the two days and you will receive a nice Survival gift from Dalarna Outdoor!

Price per person:

SEK. 2,950.00 incl. VAT.




Minimum 2 participants.

This program is available for anyone with a normal condition and for children as of 12 years old.



This program is available throughout the year.

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