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"Our goal is to provide our guests with an unfortgettable adventure in nature.
There is a fitting program for everybody. 
We are able to make changes in a program to accomodate our guests.
We are constantly improving, learning and growing.
Check out our team and partners who make an exclusive program possible, just for you!"


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Dalarna Outdoor AB

We believe nature is a very powerfull thing in many ways.

Nature does not only provide us with food and practical needs,

but it is also a source of energy.

It can be very peacefull and calm, but very powerfull as well. 

If you retreat in nature you will discover how you really feel. How your body and mind are doing. Stress is the opposite energy of nature and very well noticable if those two kinds of energy meet. You will meet yourself.

While going there it can be very helpfull to consciously experience mother nature.

What do we see? What do we smell? What do we hear?

Nature will calm your mind down.


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