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Image by Dylan Luder

Workshop Primitive Fire

Create a primitive fire with different materials and techniques!

Be able to create warmth and light for yourself with only natural materials, a skill you have to master during survival!


Only the people learned how to create and manage fire. In ancient civilizations fire was a precious commodity for cooking, lighting, heating, exploitation of forests for farmland and material processing such as blacksmithing and pottery. It was obtained with difficulty and therefore well maintained. Now in today's society with all its comforts many don’t know the art of the fire anymore.

Dalarna Outdoor offers you the opportunity  to make a fire on the primitive ways!

What satisfied you will feel when you can make a fire without using matches or a lighter! Knowledge is the key!

Duration: 4 hours


Among other things we offer

  • A detailed explanation of our instructor about the different natural materials and techniques you can use to start a fire.

  • A tasty Swedish Fika.

  • The materials that are needed to make a fire.

  • The opportunity to test your new skills by yourselves to start a fire under the guidance of our instructor. We will take a hike through the forest.

  • An Outdoor present from Dalarna Outdoor as a souvenir!


We will teach you how to make fire with natural tinder, and with;

  • a magnesium stick of fire stem.

  • a flint and steel.

  • a fire bow or Indian bow.

  • a fire pump.



Price per person: SEK 650, - incl. VAT


All children up to 16 years receive a 50% discount on the activities!

Minimum 2 participants.

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