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Dalarnas Snowmobile Adventure
Edition Fulufjällen

Experience the winter adventure with us and join us on our snowmobile safari! It is a 3-hour program in which we will drive a long stretch with the snowmobile, right through the snowy forests to a beautiful viewpoint where we can enjoy the fairy tale landscape. We make a nice fire there and warm up while enjoying a hot cup of chocolate milk, coffee or tea. Kids with you? Then of course we provide delicious marshmallows. We also treat ourselves to delicious Swedish fika bread (sweet rolls). After a nice break we resume the trip and drive back. Along the way, our guide tells about what we encounter. Sometimes he will stop to tell you about spotted tracks of wild animals or other fun things we encounter. In short, an unforgettable experience!

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Rösjöstugorna, Fulufjällen

What is included?

  • 3 hour tour,  loan snowmobile

  • A certified wilderness guide

  • Loan of a helmet

  • Required permits 

  • Swedish fika (sweet treats) with coffee, tea or chocolate milk with cream and marshmallows


The groups that our guide takes are small. As a result, there is more personal attention for the participants, more time for explanation and guidance. This is necessary to guarantee the quality of this program and to take good care of our participants. Of course we want to give every participant a nice memory of this adventure!

Important to know!


It is very important to dress yourself properly. Cold, wind and snow is the climate in which we live and organize our tours. Wear several layers of warm insulating clothing. Provide windproof ski pants and ski jacket. And good warm shoes and windproof gloves. A hat for during the stops is definitely recommended. In short, make sure you wear clothes that keep you warm in a cold climate. In Sweden we say; Bad weather doesn't exist, but bad clothes do!

Drivers licence

A valid driver's license is a condition to be able to ride a snowmobile, accompanied by our guide. We will be driving at speeds between 5 and 65 km/h. You decide how fast you go under the guidance of the guide.



If you are expecting a child, keep in mind that it is quite bumpy while driving and that there may be unexpected movements. The responsibility lies with the mother and if you feel insecure about this, you can always contact Dalarna Outdoor or mention it in the guide and discuss it.


Weather conditions

The weather conditions determine whether the tour continues. It is important that there is enough snow! If it looks like the tour cannot take place, Dalarna Outdoor will contact you the day before at the latest.


Price per Snowmobile  3090,- SEK incl VAT 

In principle applies: 1 snowmobile per participant. (Read below!)

The snowmobiles

Several snowmobiles are available. The number of snowmobiles is determined depending on the size of the group.

In principle applies; 1 snowmobile for 1 participant. A snowmobile sled is coupled to the guide's snowmobile, in which participants can also sit.

It is very nice if you can sit back and relax once in a while and enjoy the landscape around you.

Small children should be in the snowmobile sled anyway. Depending on the age of mom or dad too. 

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