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Spring-Summer-Autumn Activities

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Exclusive Wilderness Safari

4 hours

Let us drive you in the deeper forests and join us in our search for animals and their tracks!

We will pay attention to other things as well. Like edible plants, useable materials and fun facts about the nature of Dalarna.

A tasty Swedish fika (fresh sweet treats) by a campfire is included!

Let us surprise you with beautiful views and places!


Forest Experience

4 or 6 hours

Enter the deeper woods by foot, together with our outdoor instructor. The only thing you have to do is enjoying the nature around you and hearing many interesting things about the things you’re passing by.

The forest is filled with many beautiful treasures. We will show you traces of the animals, edible plants, useful materials and so on!

During our break with a campfire will will treat you witch a Swedish fika (fresh sweet treats).


Canoe Safari Västerdalälven

4 hours

Under the guidance of an experienced wilderness guide we go out on the Västerdalälven river!

We sail past a beaver lodges and if we are lucky the beavers may show themselves!

But we also pay attention to other animals and things in nature. Halfway the trip we moor at a nice location near the water where we serve various Swedish fika treats!


Into Sami Territory

1,5 day

Let yourself be guided through the beautiful nature of Fulufjällets National Park and through the habitat of the southernmost nomadic tribe of Sweden.

Meet the real Sami and their reindeers in Idre, enjoy a three course Sami dinner and breakfast prepared by the Sami in person, and listen to the wonderful stories about the Sami tribe!

And experience what it is like to sleep in their tipi tent in the woods!

Het lezen van een kompas

Workshop Find Your Way

4 hours

Learn how to find your way in the wilderness of Sweden by joining our adventurous and challenging workshop!

A chance to gain more survival skills!

Navigation is an essential skill during survival. It is important to plan your itinerary well so that you can move yourself from your current position to a desired destination in a safe and responsible manner.

Een vreugdevuur starten

Workshop Primitive Fire

4 hours

Create a primitive fire with different materials and techniques!

Be able to create warmth and light for yourself with only natural materials, a skill you have to master during survival!

We will search for inflammable materials and then show you different kinds of techniques. 

And of course you will be treated on a tasty Swedish fika and marshmallows over the fire when you succeeded making a fire on your own!

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